OT PENDANT (Motorised) SSI-E21

Our OT Pendants provides a platform for surgical and monitoring equipment for medical staff operative theatre. Our pendant is designed to produce suited positioning of medical equipment, gas and other instruments. They supply all necessary services and equipment needed operative Theatre and Delivery Rooms for anaesthesia and surgical purposes.

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  • Functional box vertical lifting stroke 300mm. Motor power 100W.
  • The gas terminal interface standard configuration(Outlets): vaccum 2pcs, oxygen 2 pcs, compressed air 2 pcs.
  •     i.) Different colors and shapes
        ii.) More than 20,000 times mating cycles
        iii.) using the secondary seal, with three states (on, off, pull), can carry compressed air service;

    • Instrument platform: two layers (height adjustable); rounded bumper design, each platform can load 20kg;
    • Weight loading: 150kg;
    • Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ; AC110V, 60HZ
    • Electrical outlet: 10 pcs, 6 Amp+16 Amp .
    • Potential ground terminal: 2pcs;
    • The network interface : RJ45 1pc; telecom connector Drawer: 1pc;
    • Syringe pump rack 1pc, infusion pump rack 1pc;
    • The main material: high-strength aluminium alloy;
    • The surface treatment using imported high-voltage electrostatic powder spray; manually Floor Lock


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