Endoscopy Pendant

Standard configuration:
1. Gas interface configuration (2 oxygen, 2 vacuum suction, 2 compressed air): a, the interface color and shape are different, with anti-missing function; b. The number of insertions and removals is more than 20,000 times; c. Use secondary sealing, with three states (on, off, pull), with gas maintenance;
2. power socket: 10, 220V, 10A;
3. Equipotential grounding terminal: 2;
4. With stainless steel rod for bolt clamping;
5. The main material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles;
6. The surface treatment is electrostatic spraying; ceiling-mounted installation, stable and firm.
7. One storage item.

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Technical parameters: single arm mechanical  

    1. Working power: AC220V, 50Hz;
    2. Cross arm range of motion (radius): 700-1800mm (can be configured according to hospital requirements)
    3. Horizontal rotation angle: 0 ~ 340°, the cross arm and the terminal box can be rotated horizontally or simultaneously;
    4. The net load weight is ≥120kg;
    5. Instrument platform: 3 layers (height adjustable) optional 490mm * 360mm * 47mm or 550mm * 400mm * 47mm; with 10mm X 25mm side rail enclosure, rounded bumper design


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