• Advance Electric Table
    ADVANCE ELECTRIC TABLE (MODEL NO. SSI-1500E) SS-304 Surgeons Panel Electric ( Remote Operated) C-Arm Compatiable Floor Locking Zero Positioning.
  • Electric Hydraulic OT Table
    ELECTRO HYDRAULIC O.T TABLE (SSI-2100HE) Features: Five sections tabletop with divided foot section. Tabletop is constructed from a high-pressure.
  • Electric OT Table
    ELECTRIC OT TABLE (MODEL NO. SSI-1000E) Features: Fully electrically operated table, five sections, radio-translucent tabletop with eccentric pillars and.
  • Hydraulic O.T Table
    HYDRAULIC O.T TABLE (MODEL NO. SSI-600H) Features: Tabletop is made with stainless steel grade 304 to avoid rust with.
  • Hydraulic OT Table (C-Arm Comp)
    Hydraulic O.T TABLE (C-Arm Compatible) Features: Hydraulic and Mechanical Operated. The base is eccentric for trouble-free C-Arm movements. Leg.
  • Hydraulic OT Table (Super Deluxe)
    HYDRAULIC O.T TABLE (Super Deluxe) MODEL NO. SSI-500H Features: Hydraulic and Mechanical Operated. Centric base made from high-quality stainless.
  • Obstetric Gyne Table (Hydraulic)
    OBSTETRICS GYNE TABLE (HYDRAULIC) MODEL NO.SSI-700GH Features: In terms of quality, reliability, and functionality Operating Table is acknowledged as.
  • Obstetric Gyne Table(Electric)
    OBSTETRIC GYNE TABLE (ELECTRIC) MODEL NO. SSI-700GE Features: In terms of quality, reliability and functionally Operating Table is being.
  • Ophthalmic OT Table
    OPHTHALMIC O.T TABLE (SSI-1800E) Features: Ophthalmic OT Table has a maximum height of 920 mm and a minimum height.