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Rely on high - quality materials and precise workmanship. The correct illumination of the operating field requires quality light Quality referred to the luminous intensity. The exact reproduction of colors, the removal of shadows, the color temperature, depth and cold light

Light and good vision is natural for all of us. Therefore it is natural for us that we enter the latest trends and findings into the development of innovative lighting concepts. Reliable lighting solutions are particularly important in health care.

Deep light the depth light illuminates the cavity three-dimensionally, also helping to highlight the smallest details. The geometry of tens of connected ellipsoids directs the luminous rays into a cone of light, illuminating in depth.

Cold Light the fundamental prerogative of an excellent shadow less lamp is its "cold" light, avoiding dehydration of the tissues during the operation and rendering the surgeon's work comfortable. Eliminate the infrared rays generated by the surgical light, guaranteeing cold light.

Visible the wavelength of the surgical light is uniform in the visible spectrum and is not subject to continuous bands of radiation. On the other hand, gas discharge lamps emit a luminous spectrum formed by multiple lines or bands of radiations. On formed by multiple lines or bands of radiations, a phenomenon caused by the interval between continuous electric discharges. .

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Date: 19 Sep, 2017